AlumiFoam is a closed cellular structure consisting of solid aluminum with gas-filled pores comprising a large portion of the volume, typically only 5–25% of the volume is the base metal ‘Aluminum’.

AlumiFoam is made by injecting gas. Normally, bubbles in molten metal are highly buoyant in the high-density liquid and rise quickly to the surface. This rise can be slowed by increasing the viscosity of the molten metal by adding ceramic powders or alloying elements to form stabilizing particles in the melt, or by other means. To stabilize the molten metal bubbles, high temperature foaming agents are required. The size of the pores, or cells varies and forms randomly to the whole block.


This metallic sound absorption panel features more than 0.85 NRC level. Alumifoam sound absorption panel is excellent at severe environment such humid, harsh weather condition, and fire hazard due to made of metal aluminum material.


The high strength sandwich panels are composited non-flammable and light weight structural material for various applications including noise barrier, external facade, internal partition, ceiling, door etc. Skin can comprise of various materials such as aluminum or carbon fiber depending on usage and application as per client demand.


ALUMISTONE is a composite panel where AlumiFoam is covered with top layer of any natural stone. The panel weighs almost 1/5th lighter than a natural marble / granite / lime / ceramic stone. Panels are mostly used for external and internal cladding.


ALUMIFAB is a kind of panel which integrates great sound absorption and anti corrosion physical properties. It comes with various fabric design and texture which can be customized based on design requirements.


ALUMIBULLET is a composite metal foam (CMF) made by bubbling gas through molten metal to produce a frothy mixture, which can then be cooled to form a lightweight matrix and layered with PTFE & mild steel accordingly. It weighs less than half of conventional steel armor.


ALUMIBLAST is a blast mitigation panel which has high density and efficient to mitigate blast pressure due to high-energy absorption capabilities.

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