ALUMIBULLET is developed to protect people from gun fires and it is mostly used in military or governmental sector. ALUMIBULLET can be used as an alternative for heavy steel armors which not only helps to reduce the structural load drastically but also cost effective. The product has been tested internationally for 9mm bullets and 7mm bullets of AK47. It has passed the test successfully and no penetration of bullets were visible at the back as it was already embedded inside the panels.

Test Conducted For 9mm Bullets

Bullet embedded at the front side of the test specimen

No penetration of bullets at the back side of the test specimen.

Lighter than steel armor plates ALUMIBULLET is a composite panel made of AlumiFoam which acts as the main core covered with mild steel on top & bottom. AlumiFoam is an ultralight product which can be used as an alternative to heavy steel armors for bullet-resistant panels.
High impact energy absorption ALUMIBULLET is developed to absorb the high impact of energy forces & can withstand 9mm & 7.62m bullet impacts.
Cost-effective & low maintenance ALUMIBULLET is cost-effective than heavy steel armors & requires less maintenance for any replacements.

Bulletproof Test Of AlumiBullet

Application Types

Qatar Armed Force, Qatar

Shooting Range, Korea

Military Training Room, Korea