ALUMISANDWICH is a composite panel made of two metal sheets layered at the outer surface of AlumiFoam core. This product can be manufactured according to clients demands and requirements in terms of aesthetics and thickness. The advantage of using AlumiFoam as core instead of conventional polymer or mineral wool is that it gives long term acoustical performance without decreasing the value of noise absorption or sound transmission. It can be used on ceiling, walls, floors, road noise barrier and acoustical partition. The outer metal skin can be comprised of any materials such as aluminum, steel or carbon fiber etc. depending on the usage for a wide scope of applications.

Improves heat insulation The core of the ALUMISANDWICH helps in resisting heat transfer because of the porous structure of the AlumiFoam. The thermal conductivity of the panel is less than 1 W/mK.
Non-Flammable ALUMISANDWICH is a non-flammable panel & non-toxic. The panel is classified as Class A fire rated panel.
Absorption of high impact energies Sandwich structures with AlumiFoam core act as a very good energy absorber. The AlumiFoam core has the ability to undergo high pressure of force for which it is used widely as a crash cushion for road barriers.
Highly efficient in sound absorption & sound transmission ALUMISANDWICH panel is used for acoustical applications because of the high NRC & STC rating of the AlumiFoam core.
High stiffness at very low density The porous structure of the AlumiFoam core gives it a high strength at a low density.

Typical Installation Details

Installation Detail For ALUMISANDWICH

Installation Detail For Road Noise Barrier

The porous structure of Alumifoam gives it the capability of absorbing the impact of energy. In the event of any clash AlumiFoam can dramatically reduce the defects sensitivity of impact. Moreover, with its excellent quasi-static and impact loading resistance performances, its has great potential to reduce the structural weight in the impact energy absorption and load carrying applications. It is used as crash cushion for road barriers and in vehicles to avoid severe damage from accidents.

Application Types

External Cladding

Road Tunnel

Road Barrier