ALUMIFAB is made of different kind of woven fabric covering the AlumiFoam to get the best result for noise control for a wide range of applications. ALUMIFAB can be customized with different colors, patterns & textures as per design requirements. This product can also be manufactured according to clients demands and requirements in terms of aesthetics and thickness. The advantage of using AlumiFoam as core instead of conventional polymer or mineral wool is that it gives long term acoustical performance without decreasing the value of noise absorption or sound transmission. It can be used on ceiling, walls and acoustical partition.

Highly efficient in sound absorption & sound transmission ALUMIFAB panel is used for acoustical applications because of the high NRC & STC rating. The fabric enhances the acoustic quality, even more, when covers the AlumiFoam panel.
Long term acoustical performance The main core of ALUMIFAB is a metal foam which helps to maintain the acoustic quality for long term performance.
Varieties of color, texture & patterns Easy to customize in a wide range of colors, textures and patterns of the fabric as per design requirements.
Easy to install It can be easily installed to any existing interior wall lining using wall-mounts.

Typical Installation Details

Installation Detail For Interior Wall

Application Types

Sports Hall

Office Building

Education Center